Suspended Cymbal


Do you remember the shimmering, sustained cymbal swells that build suspense and highlight dramatic moments in film scores? The suspended cymbal delivers that ethereal, expressive sound. Perfect for creating tension, accentuating climaxes, and adding a touch of brilliance to your compositions, the suspended cymbal provides smooth, resonant tones that can rise from subtle whispers to powerful crashes. Whether you’re scoring a suspenseful scene, a poignant emotional moment, or adding texture to an orchestral arrangement, the suspended cymbal enhances the cinematic experience with its versatile and dynamic sound.



Patches :

Suspended Cymbal 19”


C3 = Drumsticks cup long

D3 = Drumsticks mid long

E3 = Drumsticks edge long

F3 = Drumsticks cup short secco

G3 = Drumsticks mid short secco

A3 = Drumsticks edge short secco

C4 = Mallets cup long

D4 = Mallets edge long

F4 = Mallets cup short secco

G4 = Mallets edge short secco

C5 = Triangle stick cup long

D5 = Triangle stick mid long

E5 = Triangle stick edge long

F5 = Triangle stick cup short secco

G5 = Triangle stick mid short secco

A5 = Triangle stick edge short secco

B6 = Triangle stick gliss

C7 = Brushes cup long

D7 = Brushes mid long

E7 = Brushes edge long

F7 = Brushes cup short secco

G7 = Brushes mid short secco

A7 = Brushes edge short secco

B7 = Brushes gliss

C8 = Arco (bow) harmonics gliss


Close, Room (IR) & Reverb

932 samples ( NCW )  48kHz / 24bit

127 velocity steps ( based on 2 dynamic layers for hit )
19 real Round Robins per note for Hit 6 for Arco

1,46 GB disk space required

Kontakt Full 6.7.1 or higher required



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