Enhance your film score with the versatile sound of rototoms. These tunable drums offer a wide range of pitches and playing modes, from drumsticks to fingers, and even incorporate a metal rack. Perfect for adding tension, drama, and dynamic rhythms, rototoms bring a crisp, clear tone to action sequences, suspense, and orchestral layers.



Patches :


C3 to G3 = Drumsticks

C4 to G4 = Mallets

C5 to G5 = Brushes

C6 to G6 = Fingers

C7 to E7 = Drumsticks Edge Rack


Close, Room (IR) & Reverb

1519 samples ( NCW )  48kHz / 24bit

127 velocity steps ( based on 2 dynamic layers )
over 20 real Round Robins per note

110 MB disk space required

Kontakt Full 6.7.1 or higher required



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