Do you remember the dramatic, crashing cymbals in epic movie scores that heighten the tension and underscore dramatic moments? Piatti, or orchestral cymbals, deliver that same impact. These versatile instruments produce a rich, resonant crash that is perfect for accentuating climactic scenes, creating dramatic tension, and adding powerful emphasis to your compositions. Whether you’re scoring an action-packed sequence, a suspenseful moment, or an emotional high point, piatti provide the dynamic, powerful sound needed to elevate your film score to new heights.



Patches :

Piatti 18″


C3 = Hit

D3 = Muted


Close, Room (IR) & Reverb

24 samples ( NCW )  48kHz / 24bit

127 velocity steps ( based on 2 dynamic layers )
6 real Round Robins per note

63 MB disk space required

Kontakt Full 6.7.1 or higher required



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