Bundle Percussion

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Explore an extensive collection of unique percussion instruments perfect for adding diverse sounds and textures to your music compositions. This bundle includes:


Agogo Bell: Infuse your tracks with the vibrant, high-pitched metallic tones of Brazilian and Afro-Cuban music.

Anvil: Add an industrial edge with powerful, metallic sounds, ideal for orchestral and experimental pieces.

Basketball: Incorporate playful, rhythmic bouncing and dribbling sounds for creative and experimental compositions.

Bicycle Bell: Introduce a clear, piercing sound perfect for whimsical sound effects in children’s music and jingles.

Bongos: Bring the essence of Afro-Cuban beats with these small, hand-played drums producing high-pitched, rhythmic sounds.

Cabasa: Enhance your rhythm section with a unique scraping sound, adding texture to Latin, funk, and fusion music.

Castanets: Capture the fiery spirit of flamenco with sharp, clicking sounds essential for Spanish music and dance.

Congas: Dive into the rich rhythms of Latin music with these tall, hand-played drums producing deep, resonant sounds.

Darbuka: Transport your audience to the Middle East with resonant, sharp tones ideal for traditional and fusion genres.

Drill: Add an industrial flair with mechanical, rhythmic sounds perfect for experimental and avant-garde compositions.

Drumheads: Ideal for experimental music, these hand-played drumheads offer a wide range of sounds without being attached to a drum shell.

Guiro: Infuse Latin music with a distinctive, rhythmic, raspy texture perfect for salsa and merengue.

Inner Tube: Create unique sound effects with the hissing noise of a deflating inner tube, adding interesting auditory textures.

Piwô: Discover a versatile wind instrument perfect for organic sliding effects, offering a wide range of dynamic sounds.

Ratchet: Generate attention-grabbing, loud clattering noises perfect for dramatic sound effects and orchestral music.

Saw: Capture the raw, industrial noise of a saw cutting through material, ideal for gritty sound effects.

Shakers: Add crisp, rhythmic sounds to your music, perfect for Latin, jazz, and pop, with various sizes available.

Siren: Incorporate urgent, wailing sounds ideal for adding excitement or tension to your compositions.

Sticks: Explore a variety of percussive sounds, including Stick Noise FX, Mallet Noise, Arco Noise, Soft Stick Noise, Mallet Head Noise, and Stick Head Noise.

Tambourine & Basque Tambourine: Add sparkle and rhythm with versatile jingling cymbals and skin heads, perfect for various genres.

Temple Block: Use different mallets to explore a range of tones, adding unique percussive elements to your music.

Tibetan Bell: Bring serenity with clear, resonant tones perfect for meditation music and sound healing.

Triangles: Add brightness with clear, ringing tones that cut through any mix, perfect for orchestral and pop music.

Vibra Slap: Introduce a distinctive rattling noise perfect for Latin music and quirky sound effects.

Wind Chimes: Create serene, atmospheric soundscapes with soft, melodic tones ideal for ambient and relaxation music.

Wooden Clap: Add sharp, snapping sounds perfect for accentuating rhythms in pop, hip-hop, and electronic music.

Yak Bera: Immerse your audience in the traditional sounds of Sri Lanka with deep, resonant tones perfect for ceremonial music.




Patches :

Agogo Bell



Bicycle Bell









Inner Tube







Tambourine & Basque Tambourine

Temple Block

Tibetan Bell


Vibra Slap

Wind Chimes

Wooden Clap

Yak Bera



Close, Room (IR) & Reverb

5838 samples ( NCW )  48kHz / 24bit

127 velocity steps ( based on 2 dynamic layers )
Multi Round Robins per note

1, 58 GB disk space required

Kontakt Full 6.7.1 or higher required



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