Enhance your compositions with the rich variety of snare drums in this bundle, including Classical, Piccolo, Soprano, and Tambour snares. Each snare model comes in two distinct variations, offering a wide range of tones and textures.

Classical Snare: Delivers a traditional, full-bodied sound perfect for orchestral and classical music.

Piccolo Snare: Known for its sharp, bright tones, ideal for cutting through dense arrangements and adding crisp accents.

Soprano Snare: Offers higher-pitched, resonant tones, great for adding a unique, melodic element to your compositions.

Tambour Snare: Provides a distinctive, ancient sound reminiscent of historical and martial music.

Each snare drum in this collection is designed to add depth, character, and versatility to your music, whether you’re scoring a film, composing classical pieces, or experimenting with new sounds.



Patches :

Snare Classical I

Snare Classical II

Snare Classical III

Snare Piccolo I

Snare Piccolo II

Snare Piccolo III

Snare Soprano I

Snare Soprano II

Snare Soprano III

Snare Tambour I

Snare Tambour II

Snare Tambour III


A2 = Drop Clutch off RR1

B2 = Drop Clutch on RR1

C3 = Drumsticks Left snare ON

D3 = Drumsticks Right snare ON

E3 = Drumsticks Left snare OFF

F3 = Drumsticks Right snare OFF

G3 = Crosssticks Hi snare ON

A3 = Crosssticks Low snare ON

B3 = Drumsticks Rimshot Edge Left Hi

C4 = Drumsticks Rimshot Edge Left Low

D4 = Drumsticks Rimshot Edge Right Hi

E4 = Drumsticks Rimshot Edge Right Low

F4 = Mallets Left snare ON

G4 = Mallets Right snare ON

A4 = Mallets Left snare OFF

B4 = Mallets Right snare OFF

C5 = Rods sticks Left snare ON

D5 = Rods sticks Right snare ON

E5 = Rods sticks Left snare OFF

F5 = Rods sticks Right snare OFF



Close, Room (IR) & Reverb

5 716 samples ( NCW )  48kHz / 24bit

127 velocity steps ( based on 7 & 3 dynamic layers)
21 real Round Robins per note

846 MB disk space required

Kontakt Full 6.7.1 or higher required



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